5/6 Camp

Camp: The Highlight Of Our Year


On Wednesday, 4th of November, the grade 5/6’s went to the Summit for their school camp. We were originally going to go to Canberra, but when the restrictions hit, our plans went down the drain.

 The Summit was nice enough to brighten up our year, and let us come after COVID. This camp was about facing your fears and building better teamwork.

They had us remember 5 keys to make our camp experience one to remember. 1. Have fun 2. Play all in 3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 4. Make mistakes 5. Have no regrets.

The Summit’s activities are all based on different fears. These really helped you to get over any that you had before you came to camp. The activities were:

  1. Sky bridge, a wobbly bridge over water that you get hooked on by a harness and have to walk across.
  2. Giant swing, a safety rope that you get hooked on to and get pulled 23 meters into the air.
  3. Snowy river challenge, a set of teambuilding activities that you have to put all of you strength into
  4. Cave, a small, dark hole underground that you have to walk through.
  5. Flying fox, you get harnessed up to a rope and you fly over the camp.
  6. Inflatables, a real life foosball game, and a huge inflatable course.
  7. The monster course, a course full of mini activities, water and a lot of mud.
  8. Laser skirmish, an outside version of laser tag that has two teams that have wooden forts.
  9. Bush challenge, we had to complete a series of activities while finding and carrying around puzzle pieces to make a target picture.

The accommodation was great and the food was okay, but not as great as home cooking (thanks for the great food parents) This camp was great and we all recommend it.

By Aurelia in Grade 6

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