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Welcome to the Yinnar Primary School website! We hope you enjoy having a browse and finding out a little more about us.

At Yinnar Primary School we are all learners. We guide our younger learners to stretch their minds supporting them as they develop into resilient, reflective and resourceful life-long learners who have the capacity to learn alone or with other people.


We have a strong emphasis on developing our core values of Growth Mindset, Respect, Aim High, Curiosity and Enthusiasm (GRACE). Our core values encourage our students to be enthusiastic and curious about their learning and to respect themselves as well as each other. We want our children to leave our school as learners not just achievers.


At Yinnar Primary School we move forward together with a growth mindset empowering us to see endless possibilities and endeavour to reach our highest potential. We aim to instil in our children a belief that their intelligence can be cultivated and grown through hard work and personal discipline. To achieve this goal, we immerse the children in the work of Guy Claxton, an outstanding English educationalist and Professor at the University of Bristol. We work very closely with Mr. James Nottingham, an English educational consultant of tremendous knowledge and capacity. James is a true friend of Yinnar Primary School who continues to visit us on a yearly basis. Along with these fine gentlemen, we incorporate the work of 'Mindsets' by Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University in California.


Yinnar Primary is a school of 200+ children. The buildings are well maintained with opportunities for collaborative learning amongst students and teachers.


Our enrolment has increased in the past couple of years from 187 students to 226. Our school, nestled at the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges in Gippsland, is indeed fortunate to have a community that is supportive, knowledgeable and one that values education greatly. We warmly welcome you to the Yinnar Primary School site and please feel free to conact us.


Tamina Taylor



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